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The Desire and Capability for Suicide 

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Thomas Joiner, Ph.D. is the Bright-Burton Professor of Psychology at Florida State University.

Dr. Joiner synthesizes diverse, interesting observations and empirical findings to reveal a model of suicidal behavior that has clear implications for assessment and treatment. Unique among theories of suicidality, Joiner’s model provides a thorough empirically-grounded explanation of the process by which an individual develops the ability to inflict lethal self-harm.

As Joiner develops his theory, he considers:

  • the forms of childhood abuse that do versus do not predict later suicidality
  • why female physicians and prostitutes have markedly elevated suicide rates
  • the day of the week and season of the year that have the highest suicide rates
  • demographic groups that have varying rates of suicide and how these rates have been trending during recent years
  • how suicide rates change during different types of national crises
  • whether the success or failure of a city’s sports teams can affect suicide rates
  • Some of the facts will surely surprise you.

    In addition, Joiner pinpoints the specific nature of the cognitions that are associated with suicide to a greater degree than previous models, e.g., hopelessness model. He also addresses differences in the cognitions and motives of individuals who engage in self-injurious behavior that is versus is not genuinely suicidal.

    Joiner’s well-grounded theory provides a rich conceptual background for his video on the Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Behavior (also available on Psyc.TV).

    Learning Objectives: After viewing the current program, viewers will be able to...

    1) describe a comprehensive, empirically-informed model of suicidality.

    2) explain the process by which an individual acquires the capacity to inflict lethal self-harm.

    This program is appropriate for all mental health clinicians (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors).

    CE credit: 2 hours

    Dr. Joiner does not receive funding from any corporate or private entities.

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